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Surveying equipment Used all the pros and cons of the acquisition of geodetic equipment Used

Each company engaged in geodesic work, sooner or later think about the acquisition of GNSS - equipment. Individual surveyors also quite puzzled by this problem.

Buying a new surveying equipment it can be connected with a desire to change the instrument on a GPS - receiver or upgrade the equipment fleet to a more modern. Maybe, the company started its operations with zero or has decided to expand. In any case, on the agenda the question arose on the acquisition of geodetic equipment.

But the cost of kits GNSS - receivers paired with the controller and the software is not cheap. Especially if it is not the Chinese equipment, Japanese or American brands.

And a number of companies are starting to consider options for the purchase of equipment that was in use. Buy second-hand equipment can be both from private owners, and the companies involved in the sale of surveying equipment. Let's look at the pros and cons of each method.

Buying surveying equipment "with hands"

method Pros:

Very low price
Quite a large selection of used equipment on the Internet. Find this equipment can be as specialized forums for surveyors, and in groups in social networks. sale ads Avito also occur.
It is possible to find the right instrument in your city or region and save on shipping.

Disadvantages of buying surveying equipment from private owners:

There is no certainty that the equipment is working, including the accessories and components. Problems may be in the "iron", and in the software.
some of the documents for the equipment may be absent.
When the device can be a criminal past. Simply put, geodetic receiver can be stolen and resold several times, even without documents.

Calmer, though a bit more expensive to buy second-hand surveying equipment in companies that are engaged in the supply of instruments for geodesy.

What are the advantages of this method?

The equipment is provided with all necessary documents. Companies simply will not accept a commission questionable equipment without documents.
All the equipment usually runs a full MOT and diagnostics. So the reliability and serviceability of devices you can be sure.
Some companies give a guarantee, even on-hand equipment.
Availability checking equipment.
Provision of all necessary documents for reporting (invoices, statements, invoices, formal contract, etc.)
The company can deliver the desired device in any region at a reasonable price.

Of the minuses Buy Used equipment for companies are:

The cost of equipment is higher than when buying from private owners. Companies engaged in the purchase of such devices include a commission in the cost of equipment.
The choice of second-hand equipment may be limited.

As you can see, despite the fact that buying a geodetic receivers with arms cheaper, there are some very significant shortcomings. Although companies in the cost of such equipment above, the benefits and the guarantee of this method outweigh the cons.

By paying a slightly higher price for the GNSS equipment, you can be sure that it is 100% working and not stolen. But in any case, every company or specialist decide, based on their needs, considering all the possible risks.

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