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GPR - georadars


GPR is a device that found extensive use in various fields, including in geodesy. These devices are one of the most popular varieties of equipment for surveying. Purchase GPR opens up great possibilities for conducting geodetic studies.

Scope of GPR devices

The feature of these devices is their versatility. GPR can be used as a locator, measuring the thickness of the layers of soil to search for fittings, archaeological and geological surveys.

GPR used to search for various types of pipes. The search is performed using both single models with antennas and the complex systems operating on the principle of a scanner, consisting of several units with antennas.

GPR and involve a flaw, revealing structures in areas with high humidity, bars reinforcement cavity.

With the help of these devices determines the location of underground utilities proleganiya.

The principle of GPR

GPR operate on the principle of radar. From antenna originate pulses reflected from the detected object. The signals, which are formed during the passage through the dielectric region, recorded in the memory. Entries signals for a certain period of time and make a radiogram which data is processed later.

In surveying these devices are used for the purpose of high-speed soil profiling. Thanks GPR eliminates the need for drilling to determine the occurrence of the studied objects. Data for more detailed studies using GPR can be obtained directly in the field.

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