Engineering tacheometers

Engineering tacheometers
purchase of engineering tacheometers

Engineering tacheometers

Our company specializes in the purchase of engineering tacheometers in St. Petersburg. We are ready to buy from you engineering used tacheometers for good money. Devices of this type are used to solve various problems in the field of construction. Compared with technical total stations designed for standard geodetic measurements, they are more functional. Their main advantages include:

    Extended software;
    High measurement accuracy;
    Acceptable cost.

Purchase of engineering tacheometers at a bargain price

You can buy an engineering tachymeter in St. Petersburg inexpensively, and after using the device, you no longer need to sell it and get an income.

Engineering tacheometers have advanced software with a powerful mathematical mechanism. With their help, complex engineering problems are solved right at the work site, there is no need for office processing.

When compared with robotic modifications, then engineering have a more democratic value.

Created for operation in field conditions, engineering tacheometers, the purchase of which we carry out, have reliable protection against moisture and pollution. They have a graphical interface and a touch screen. Capable power supplies provide long-term autonomous operation in the field. For a complete set of tacheometers use pulse and phase range finders. The first ones make it possible to measure distances at large distances, the second type demonstrates an increased accuracy on average.

The data in such tacheometers is stored in the internal or external memory. The devices have interfaces for exchanging information with a PC.

The vast majority of total stations have the ability to send survey data to design programs without converting them. Devices can be optimized and modified, complete with additional modules. Devices easily convert data between different coordinate systems. Accelerate editing intricate features. They make it possible to work with the obtained information directly in the field.

Entrust the purchase of engineering tacheometers of our company, since we have the best price offers. The purchase of engineering tacheometers, carried out by us, will allow you to get a good profit.

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