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Purchase of used tachymeters


Our team is engaged in the purchase of geodetic components, batteries and various accessories for them.

All employees of the company are experts in their field, and the general spirit of the team is aimed at a good result and positive feedback from our customers.

One of the areas of work is buying up tacheometers and selling tacheometers.

When we purchase equipment for geodesy from our clients, we pay the real cost of this equipment, and do not resort to a special price reduction. In this case, the client, if necessary, provided the necessary documents to confirm the transaction.

If a client wants to buy tachometers, he can also contact our company; specialists will not only be able to hold a consultation on a specific device, but also advise on other important issues in this area.

The brands of devices we work with and which are presented on our website are listed below:
- GeoMAX tacheometers
- Nikon tacheometers
- Sokkia tacheometers
- Topcon tacheometers and other companies.

You can get more detailed information from the consultant of the company at the specified phone number or contact via the website.

The team of our specialists will be able to provide, in addition to advice, highly qualified technical assistance and buy the necessary spare parts.

If you choose the best equipment for geodesy, and you can not decide on a specific or do not find on the site you need, then the experts will be able to choose the right one for you that will meet all the requirements.

In such activities, which represents our team, it is very important to monitor the quality of services, for this we carefully monitor the quality of equipment, components and accessories, so that all our customers are not only satisfied, but also come back to us again and bring with them their friends

If you wish to sell tacheometers or other equipment for geodesy, you can send us a photo and description, and based on the data received from you, we will reply with an indication of the cost that we will pay.

We work with different clients, not only with legal entities. We buy equipment with the volumes that the client can offer.

We will be glad to cooperate with you.
Call: 8 (906) 269-29-29

Buying tacheometers

We buy the total station using the following manufacturers: Sokkia, Leica, Nikon, Trimble, Topcon, Focus, GeoMax. At your request, the redemption operation can be carried out by cash or bank transfer.

To evaluate your device, we need the following information:

     make and model of the device;
     Photo of the total station with accessories (be sure to take a photo of the serial number);
     year of issue;
     if there is, provide proof of purchase;
     your contacts (name, phone, email).
Call: 8 (906) 269-29-29

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