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Laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinders, also called roulettes, are instruments for measuring distances. Laser roulettes are used in various fields, including as equipment for geodesy.

Laser range finders are actively involved in conducting geodetic studies, these devices allow you to make non-contact measurements.

The difference of laser range finders from ordinary roulettes is that they allow obtaining more accurate data. Such devices can be used in open space to measure large areas.

Laser roulettes are convenient to use for measurements in places that are difficult to access, for example, in mines.

The design of the laser rangefinder consists of a radiator and a reflector complementing it. Keys make it possible to set the points from which the calculation will be conducted.
Modern laser roulette models

On sale there are models for both domestic and professional use, equipped with a large number of useful options:

- temperature measurements;

- charging indicators;

- addition of the data;

- automatic shutdown;

- selection of measurement values.

To determine the distance, it is enough to point the laser beam at the object. The data of the calculations made by the rangefinder are displayed on the display.

Using laser tape measures, you can perform both horizontal and vertical measurements.

The maximum measurement distance depends on the power of the laser beam.

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