Robotic total stations

Robotic total stations

Robotic tacheometers are modern instruments used in the performance of work in the geodesic field. They provide high accuracy and speed measurements. The advantages of using such devices are:

    Reduced labor costs;
    Faster performance of geodetic works;
    Increase measurement accuracy.

Purchase of robotic total stations

Our company carries out the purchase of robot total stations. If you no longer need to continue using the devices, hand them over to us and get profit from this.

Thanks to the high-speed measurement with the help of robotic total stations, which we buy at a reasonable price in St. Petersburg, we have more time to optimize the measurements, check their quality and plan.

We can buy a robotic total station from you in St. Petersburg, eliminating the need to dispose of it.

Similar devices possess various technical parameters, functions, a complete set and the price. This makes it possible to select devices for specific tasks.

Due to the presence of servos, the total station rotates automatically. The robotic device shows an instant reaction to the operator’s command. Servos operate silently, do not require lubrication. Tacheometers can be used in low temperature conditions without loss of working qualities.

Buy a robotic total station can be cheap, and then sell it. Such devices measure angles, the removal of points. Advanced models are equipped with automatic targeting system. Particularly in demand is the function of tracking reflectors.

Automation makes it possible to make measurements many times faster, increasing their accuracy. This contributes to savings on staff, reducing the time spent on work. Instruments from this series expand the possibilities of solving geodetic tasks. Buying tacheometers quickly pays off.

If you are interested in the redemption service of robotic total stations, please contact our company.

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