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"How are you doing in Russia?" - "Steal!"
Dialogue took place in the XIX century between the unknown person and writer Karamzin. And the writer answered the question.


And now they steal, and how they steal, with such arrogance, that's amazing. This is not about expensive cars, but also on foreign cars. Modern electronic total stations are not inferior to the price expensive cars and significantly more compact. Steal such a device for the modern criminal pleasure - either you big risk, no more problems. Stuffed into a bag, and I think the car in your pocket. Of course, kidnapped and level with theodolites, but their cost is not any comparison with total stations.

Why we decided to write on this subject in Classfields? Primarily because this edition information, and we want to warn our readers from typical errors that have already made by other users and share your experience with us. Also, because we know how hard work gets the money, which is purchased equipment, and for many surveyors loss of equipment - it is also a serious personal financial problems.

In recent years significantly increased the number of thefts of electronic total stations in Moscow and other Russian cities. High-risk zones are mainly construction sites. In surveyors working in the field, the instruments are almost always under the supervision and stolen rare. But the building - an ideal place for thieves. On many construction sites are maintained around the clock work, and keep track of the movement of people is extremely difficult.

Typically, devices are stolen at night from the hut, where they are stored, and thus no protection, no work, no one saw. The situation is repeated as a blueprint for many construction projects. There were cases when it comes to surveying work in the morning, cabins closed and no instruments. But basically opened the door, with the benefit of cutting tools on a construction site there is no problem, and the noise of the door shall be opened to the general buzz of construction are released. Can result in a lot of examples, but I want to stay on the recommendations that can be saved by performing expensive equipment, nerves and money. These recommendations are especially relevant to the specifics of the construction site and will prevent theft of equipment:

    appliances should be kept in a secure vault. Safety Deposit Box sure to fasten the inner side of the walls or the floor cabins. And that may steal directly from a safe. Do not skimp, cheap metal box with the help of available tools can be opened in a few minutes. It is better if it is fireproof safe that will protect devices and in case of fire. By the way, such cases have been, and continue to operate as instruments.
    as far as possible equip local alarm shed, which holds valuable instruments. Now it is quite inexpensive and 3-4 thousand rubles, you can buy a block of self-powered batteries and sensors.

This alarm is not dependent on electricity in construction and sound siren alert guards that office container tamper.

    Of course, the windows must be reliable grid or metal shutters.
    Be sure to use a personal password when working with electronic total stations. Almost all models of modern devices has this capability. Remove the password is possible only in conditions of an authorized service center, which will undoubtedly contribute to the effective further search of stolen equipment.
    warranty card store them separately from the device. In the coupon is usually specified number of the device and contact the supplier that will be needed for rapid treatment to the appropriate organization.

If you still committed a crime and stolen devices:

    you first need to inform the bodies of internal affairs and open a criminal case. Many police departments do not want to deal with such matters, regarding them as a matter of disclosure is absolutely hopeless. So it will take some perseverance.
    provide the number and brand of device your dealer or an authorized service center. Such information is best sent to the organization's letterhead with contact phone numbers and the responsible officials.

Authorized service center maintained database of missing devices, and in the case of treatment for the repair or removal of the code, the owner will be notified immediately.

In the letter it is also desirable to provide information about the institution of criminal case to inform the higher departments of the Interior to systematically committed crimes that would attract attention to the problem of law enforcement.

One last tip. Save your money, you can use the services of an insurance company. Many companies insure the equipment against theft and damage during transport, which is also important. Insurance fees are significantly lower than that of cars and is 2-3% per year depending on the cost of the equipment.


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Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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