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Redemption of laser scanners

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Laser 3D scanners

3D scanner no longer meets the needs of the company, outdated or just out of business? - Then you came to the right place. Our company makes a professional purchase of used 3D scanners from any manufacturer and in any volumes. Turning to us, you get:

    Professional advice on the purchase and sale of equipment;
    Accurate, and most importantly - a favorable assessment of the cost of equipment;
    Quick processing of the transaction with all the necessary documentation;
    And most importantly - an individual approach and focus on long-term cooperation.

Buying laser scanners and other geodetic equipment is the main activity of the company, so we are the only ones who professionally approach the issues of evaluation, as well as the purchase of laser scanners at a reasonable price.
Buying 3D scanners in St. Petersburg

Our experts are ready to buy second-hand laser 3D scanners on the territory of St. Petersburg and the region. If you have a large batch of equipment, we are ready to go to the site and make the most accurate assessment, to take care of all documents and transfer funds in any convenient way for you.

The purchase of laser scanners, our company produces in 3 stages:

    Preliminary assessment of the photo (you just need to send it to us by e-mail);
    Departure specialist for full-time assessment of the cost of equipment;
    Price negotiation with the client;
    Registration of documents confirming the fact of sale;
    Transfer of funds to the client.

We are ready to buy 3D scanners in St. Petersburg from any company and in any condition. If you are interested in the approximate price of your product - send a request to us by e-mail or contact the specialists of our company in any way convenient for you.

We do not seek to buy laser 3D scanners cheap. Our main task is to build long-term trusting relationships with partner companies. Therefore, the prices offered by our specialists are higher than the market prices and, the more, our competitors offer.

If you have any questions regarding our proposal or related to the process of evaluation, sale, transfer of funds - just call us. Our experts will give a comprehensive answer to any question that interests you.

Contact us today, and we will solve all the formalities for the purchase of surveying equipment in the shortest possible time.

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