Technical tacheometers

Technical Instruments

Technical tachometers are called geodetic instruments that enable professionals to carry out almost the entire spectrum of work in the field of geodesy. The main advantages of technical tachomers, the purchase of which in St. Petersburg, our company is engaged in, are:

    The ability to perform direct and indirect measurements;
    Accuracy of measurements.

Purchase of technical tacheometers at a bargain price

Purchase of technical tacheometers is the main specialization of our company. We buy surveying equipment, while offering favorable price terms.

Technical tacheometers are equipped with a reflecting range finder, they require geodetic measurements by a team of two specialists. The operator and the "rack" interact with each other. Such devices are cheaper in comparison with analogues. You can buy a technical tachometer in St. Petersburg inexpensively, especially when it comes to a used device.

Such devices can also be used as a range finder, because they differ in multifunctionality. All performed measurements are reflected on the display, which is very convenient. Technical tacheometers, the purchase of which we carry out, allow:

    Define horizontal and vertical angles;
    Measure distance;
    Find the planned and altitude coordinates.

From my own experience we can say that the purchase of technical tacheometers is very popular today.

In addition to the standard list of functions tachometers solve specific applied problems, due to the available technical capabilities and mathematical algorithms. To obtain the required information you need to select the necessary options and enter the initial data. After that, the screen will display the desired coordinates. Everything is simple and fast.

Devices of this type are indispensable when performing geodetic studies. They provide high accuracy measurements. Specialists skillfully handle tachometers, quickly obtaining the necessary data with their help.

If you are interested in the purchase of technical tacheometers, please contact our representatives.

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